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Wooden Bows


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''That bow though!''

The cutest freestanding wooden bows!

Super gorgeous for all the little bow lovers out there!

Our bows are made from solid timber and are a perfect addition to any room.

Please remember to select your colour using our COLOUR CHART listing and include this upon checkout.

SHOP AFTERPAY: https://www.loveaustralianhandmade.com/products/mydeerivy-wooden-bows?_pos=1&_sid=0245e76d7&_ss=r&variant=30319314206783

This is NOT a toy. Item is intended for decorative purposes. Please keep away from children.

Shipping fees included upon checkout. For express shipping, please add EXPRESS SHIPPING upgrade from product listings.

Please read our Delivery and Shipping conditions prior to placing your order.

Photo and flat lay props not included. Photo copyright - My Deer Ivy

Photo credit: @mamajags

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